Monthly Personal Retreats

Call For Best Prices

Ready for a getaway? 🌺

For only $1100/mo you can immerse yourself in the essence of island living amidst our 44-acre tropical farm-stay, where every moment is a celebration of eco-conscious living and vibrant community connections.

Indulge in luxurious relaxation at our spa, complete with rejuvenating jacuzzi and sauna experiences. Treat yourself to a blissful array of holistic therapies, from soothing massages to detoxifying colon hydrotherapy and foot detox sessions. 

Savor the goodness of farm-to-table cuisine with our delectable vegetarian lunches, crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that nourish both body and soul.

Call For Best Prices

Pricing for our Month-To-Month Stays:
– 1 Person: $1100, 2 Persons: $1300
– Furnished Unit
– Shared Bathroom
– Shared Communal Kitchen 

Personal Retreat Features:
– Private Furnished Cabins with Shared Bathroom & Communal Kitchen (24 hours available)
– Farm-Stay Experience (44 Acres of Open Nature & Permaculture Farm)
– Spa (chemical-free ozonated jacuzzi and infrared sauna)
– Free-Weight Gym Facilities
– Weekly Sound Healing and Friday Ecstatic Dance (typically $20 for non-guests)

Additional Options:
– Enjoy daily yoga classes for just $10 per session
– Sign up for our Meal Plan – Monday to Friday (vegetarian farm-to-table buffet lunch)
– Breakfast can be purchased at the Café
– Holistic Detox, massage and colonic center
– Juice cleanse packages available

At Hawaiian Sanctuary, your getaway transcends the ordinary – it becomes a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal. Come join us and discover the true meaning of relaxation in our tropical paradise. Book your Monthly Personal Retreat today and let the magic of Hawaiian Sanctuary awaken your senses.

Classes & Events

Enjoy a diverse array of in-house classes and events included with your stay. We offer daily morning yoga, permaculture lectures, dance events, hula and more.

Holistic Spa & Gym

Guests have unlimited access to our spa facilities that feature an ozonated hot tub and UV infrared sauna. We’re also home to Pahoa’s largest gym.

WiFi Internet Access

Stay connected to friends and family with basic internet access for emails and browsing in our community lounge. We encourage you to unplug and explore the beauty of the land.

Community Living

Enjoy a taste of community living with shared commons, bathrooms, showers and vegetarian kitchen. Meet local residents during classes and events.


We operate on principles of sustainability put into practice. Water is supplied via catchment, solar energy is incorporated, and our property is pesticide-free.

Local Natural Attractions

A variety of beautiful local scenery within a 45 minute drive including; black sandy exotic beaches, worlds most active volcano, lava heated salt ponds, pristine ocean views and much more.