Eco-Retreat & Permaculture Center on the Big Island


We are a 44 acre tropical farm sanctuary and retreat center located in Puna, Big Island, Hawaii.


What We're All About

Hawaiian Sanctuary is a 44-acre eco-rejuvenation center on The Big Island, Hawaii.

We are dedicated to providing experiential education in the areas of health & wellness, social permaculture, leadership, sustainability and personal & collective growth.

Nature is our biggest role model when it comes to co-creating a culture of wellness and 'thrivability'.

If you're anything like us, you have a deeply rooted desire to contribute to life with passion, purpose and vitality.

Unfortunately the reality is that in today's world it is very easy to become lost in our work, our passion and find ourselves burned out at the end of the day.

How do we live our best life and stay energized and full of passion?

This is the question that we strive to answer through all that we offer.

Growing pains??? Growing pleasures!

IMG_3438_14008222600_lThere is no doubt that the path of self development can be full of challenges and trials. We know from experience. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Everything we offer is crafted with love and intention to provide a set and setting that is optimized for rejuvenation, exploration and celebration.

We bring local experts to teach us about returning to the land, growing our food and re-connecting to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Social Permaculture is a foundational practice here, as finding our place and purpose in life, as well as understanding how we relate with others, is crucial to unlocking our highest potential.

Indulge yourself with innovative eco-chic accommodations, our rejuvenating wellness spa, foods from our gardens, enriching classes on wellness, permaculture classes, and so much more.

Nestle in our sanctuary close to town, yet worlds away from life as you know it!


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Steve Lund


Steve is a passionate about natural farming, soil science, his tree to bar chocolates and sacred commerce. He will inspire you with his playful Aloha spirit and passion for sharing in permaculture and commUnity living/learning.



At the heart of Hawaiian Sanctuary is our amazing team of rockstar Interns. Every year, hundreds of determined, health conscious individuals come for an extended stay to work and play at the Sanctuary.

Our Interns get to experience a relaxed, yet action packed lifestyle in a wholesome retreat setting.

Hawaiian Culture

For thousands of years the Hawaiian people navigated the open seas in hand made vessels and thrived on the islands of Hawaii. One key to their success was the concept that everyone in the population was all "in the same canoe." They worked together for the common goals of survival and happiness — and that, along with living in harmony with the aina (land) and Kupuna (ancestors), created a healthy and sustainable culture that still endures today.

At Hawaiian Sanctuary we seek to honor this culture by offering classes taught by native Hawaiian kumus (teachers). We also seek to integrate ancient Hawaiian farming methods along with new modern permaculture techniques.

And we strive to stay on the path of Aloha in everything we do here. Like our Kumu, Aunty Mahealani, says, "When you understand the importance and urgency of our light, nothing is worth stepping down from the Aloha."

Our Non-Profit Status

Hawaiian Sanctuary holds a Federal Educational 501c3 non-profit status.

If you would like to contribute to our mission and support rebuilding of our agricultural classrooms, you have many convenient options. Learn more...