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Welcome To Hawaiian Sanctuary 501 c3

Cultural, Educational & Permaculture nonprofit

Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat Center is a cultural, educational & permaculture nonprofit, nestled in the jungles of Big Island, Hawai'i. We are dedicated to providing experiential education in the areas of health, wellness, permaculture, leadership and sustainability, as well as opportunities for personal and collective growth. We open our arms and our home to you with the warm-hearted spirit of Aloha.


Our Nonprofit is a cultural, educational & permaculture 501c3, dedicated to providing experiential learning in the areas of health, wellness, agriculture, leadership and sustainability, as well as opportunities for personal and collective growth.


Our Mission

Hawaiian Sanctuary nonprofit

We are an cultural, educational & permaculture nonprofit dedicated to providing experiential learning in the areas of health, wellness, agriculture, leadership and sustainability, as well as opportunities for personal and collective growth.

Our Story

In ancient Hawaii, during times of war, wounded warriors and civilians could be protected from harm when they escaped to a "place of refuge," called Pu'uhonua (sanctuary).

Designated a protective sanctuary, this custom was honored by all Hawaiians. Located in a place of great abundance, all of the resources necessary for restoring vitality were available at the sanctuary. This tradition of healing and refuge is honored today at Hawaiian Sanctuary Eco-Rejuvenation Center. Providing a healing oasis of abundance for modern-day peaceful warriors and their families.

Hawaiian Sanctuary endeavors to revive and heal all who choose to come.


Hawaiian Culture

For thousands of years the Hawaiian people navigated the open seas in hand made vessels and thrived on the islands of Hawaii. One key to their success was the concept that everyone in the population was all "in the same canoe." They worked together for the common goals of survival and happiness - and that, along with living in harmony with the aina (land) and Kupuna (ancestors), created a healthy and sustainable culture that still endures today.

At Hawaiian Sanctuary we seek to honor this culture by offering classes taught by native Hawaiian kumus (teachers). We also seek to integrate ancient Hawaiian farming methods along with modern permaculture techniques.

And we strive to stay on the path of Aloha in everything we do here. Like our Kumu, Aunty Mahealani, says, "When you understand the importance and urgency of our light, nothing is worth stepping down from the Aloha."


Our History

The ancient, sacred land of Hawaiian Sanctuary and much of the island were completely decimated and depleted by the Cane Industry, which also found other cheaper lands off island to continue their production.

A Buddhist Church eventually purchased the land here at Hawaiian Sanctuary, and although they did nothing with the land, they held it Sacred with their never evolved plans. Our founder, Steve Lund, felt drawn to the land, and envisioned it as the perfect place to create a cleansing center and permaculture sanctuary.

He began to clear the land and brought in a road, and began to build ... one building at a time. Post Cane Sugar Industrialization, rain, lava fields, and farming left soils depleted and our family has committed to rebuilding the soil and natural habitats to welcome the birds and abundant foods.

Since Hawaiian Sanctuary's inception, we've created a community center with daily educational classes for wellness and agricultural classes. Hawaiian Sanctuary's community efforts earned a non-profit 510c3 status in 2012.

Thank you for supporting our educational mission.

Experience Aloha

Enjoy Heaven on Earth


Our Location

In the Heart of the Pacific

Nestled deep within the jungles, come re-connect with nature in an enchantingly powerful way. 

This 'Aina is abundant with a flowing, thriving, healing energy. Many visitors come here and find powerful transformation, in the hearth of the Volcanic Goddess Pele. Come explore the rolling black landscape of fresh lava flows, and feel the energy beneath the earth.

In our neighborhood, known as the Puna district, you will find some of the last vestiges of old Hawai'i. Many areas are still undeveloped, offering you the opportunity to explore the raw, unrefined power of nature. The unparalleled beauty of this unique and exotic location makes it the perfect destination for your next adventure.

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Steve Lund


"Enjoy the balmy air, smell the flowers, live Aloha while learning about Hawaiian culture. Live, love and learn with us surrounded by the vibrant colors of nature, as you return to the source of your food and our friendly community."