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Internships in Hawai'i

Internships in Hawai'i


Live, eat, learn, work and play on a tropical farm in paradise.

Our Education internship program is ideal for those who want to actively engage in a co-creative, intentional community environment while practicing, permaculture, farm-to-table cooking & sustainable living. We provide opportunities to integrate with nature, live in harmony with the land, grow your own food, drink water from the sky, and harness energy from the sun.

It is a challenging, yet rewarding, experience that will enrich your mind, body, and spirit.

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." - Paul Ryan

Our Core Values


Lifelong learning and education is the key to human intelligence (mental, emotional and spiritual). Curiosity and humility allow unending development.


A life without action is a life without living. We offer opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning. Take what you learn and put it into action!

Self Care

Without self-care, we would all eventually find ourselves in the throes of burnout. The more we honor and care for ourselves, the more we can offer the world.


Clear and honest communication makes the world go 'round. Our entire existence is comprised of connection, cooperation and communication.

Perks & Benefits

Community Living

Meet like-minded people with a passion for conscious living. Live in a communal setting while building life-long friendships and meaningful connections.

Classes & Events

Enjoy a diverse array of in-house classes and events, complementary to you. We offer daily morning yoga, permaculture lectures, dance events, and more.


Vegetarian farm-to-table breakfast and lunch are prepared Monday-Friday by our in-house chefs. You will also have access to our community kitchen and gardens.


We run on principles of sustainability put into practice. Water is supplied via catchment, energy is harnessed from the sun, and our land is pesticide-free.

Holistic Spa & Gym

Interns will have access to our spa facilities that feature an ozonated hot tub and UV infrared sauna. We're also home to Pahoa's largest gym.

Wifi Internet Access

Stay connected to friends and family with basic internet access in our and community lounge.

***note: we have limited bandwidth due to satellite restrictions. 

Internship Tracks

An internship at Hawaiian Sanctuary offers an incredibly unique experience. During your time here, you will develop skills in your chosen trade, learn valuable life lessons, build a stronger sense of self, and expand your horizons. Each track not only requires experiential service in your dedicated field, but additional practice in community development, personal growth, wellness, and a dedication to furthering your education.

Overview of the application process:

  • Intern applicants are required to complete an online application.
  • Management will follow up to coordinate a Skype Interview with you LIVE.
  • Reference check.
  • Acceptance letter and confirm your spot with a security deposit.
  • Arrive and TRANSFORM!

We accept interns on the basis of availability, experience, eagerness to contribute, and enthusiasm for our policies and vision. We currently have positions open, but strongly advise prospective Interns to apply as soon as possible, in order to reserve your space. 

Educational Internships

The start date for the Educational Internships is the first Monday of every odd month: November 4th 2019, January 6th 2020, March 2nd 2020, May 4th 2020, July 6th 2020, and so on...

Here is a link to a PDF of our Internship program flyer to print and share.

Hawaiian Sanctuary Internship Program

Get your hands-in-the-earth Permaculture education! At Team Synergy: you’ll help our land team tend the gardens, nursery, and orchards. You'll learn to observe and interact with the land, to understand food guilds and permaculture design. You'll also learn to apply indigenous wisdom from a variety of local and visiting experts teaching Korean Natural Farming, Hawaiian Cultural Planting Methods, and much more. You'll gain experiential education in the kitchen and elixir bar with our qualified chefs specializing in vegetarian, farm-to-wellness cooking from the land, and develop a greater passion for a high-vibe, locally grown, healthy diet! You'll also become part of our sustainable community: joining in team meetings, Ohana Circle, Non-Violent Communication Class, and service projects. Cost is $1,650 for the 8 week (live and learn on-site) program. 

Skilled Internships

Permaculture Tract:

Immerse yourself in the natural process of growing your own food. Learn and apply microbe rich compost teas using ancient natural farming techniques for food forest upkeep.

Garden Angel Tract:

Grow juicy vegetables in our garden using natural farming recipes. Practice rotational planting techniques, soil building techniques and worm farming. Learn to make worm food from food scraps, then to brew compost tea with the worm castings.

Guest Services Tract:

Become an Aloha Concierge at Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat Center. Learn the skill of checking in guests to our retreat center. Answer phone calls for our 800 number and emails, learn about housekeeping and give tours.

Media Intern Tract:

Update our Facebook and Instagram pages, locate new online advertising exposure and update travel websites with our listings, take pictures, video record classes and update our marketing material and website. (This skill requires prior some experience, but on the job training is also encouraged).

Housekeeping Tract:

Practice professionally cleaning rooms and facilities by assisting our onsite service. *Housekeeping tract is one of our only tract that may qualify for a scholarship.

Manager Tract:

Complete 4 out of 5 tracts and be eligible for our manager apprentice intern position with qualifies for a full scholarship. Learn to on-board  and manage interns, manage housekeeping, mentor guest services personal, manage media and marketing outreach and schedule facilities maintenance.

Internship Requirements

Interns participate 30 hours per week:

  • 19 hours:  experiential and lecture based learning in your chosen tract.
  • 5 hours of team building and personal enrichment: Team meetings, Non-Violent Communication class,               Ohana Circle.
  • 6 hours of community service: Dish angel, and two seva duties. 

    Interns participate 30 hours per week:

    Each tract can last as little as two months and you get a certificate upon completion. 

Community Living Development. We have found that people living in community benefit by attending regular community education classes.  In addition to improving our communication skills, these classes create a safe space where potential conflicts can be handled through a “clearing process.” Interns are required to attend the following classes:

Ohana Circle (once per week): A space to bring harmony and a sense of family to our community experience.
Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication class (once per week): A chance to learn and practice non-violent communication skills.
Monday Team Building meetings at 10am and Friday meetings at 1:15pm.

A security deposit of $100 will be collected prior to the start of the internship and refunded upon satisfactory completion of the intern period (minus property damage, if any). *If the internship duration is shortened or not satisfactorily completed, the deposit will be forfeited.

All are required to have health insurance coverage throughout the entire stay and are responsible for their own healthcare treatment and costs. There are several short-term options for insurance.

Airlines offer travel or emergency health coverage for the duration of a trip.
The International Volunteer Card (IVC) offers effective, low-cost insurance.
Hawaii resident, you may consider applying for state funded health insurance.

Provide services in the “spirit of aloha” to our guests and visitors. We require mature individuals in good health with positive attitudes to assist us in the service to others. As a community member, it is expected that you will offer a high standard of guest services and you will be mindful of your role as a representative of Hawaiian Sanctuary at all times


Connect with nature by living in one of our jungalows, nestled in the beauty of the Hawaiian jungle. Living in this environment allows the senses to expand and rejuvenate in a natural setting.

These basic, eco-friendly accommodations include electricity, lighting, and a cozy bed with linens. Shared facilities include bathrooms, outdoor showers, and a community kitchen.

Please note: Interns stay in shared accommodations. If this is not your preference, private accommodations are available at an additional cost of $185 - 385/month, depending on peak season.


Connect with nature by living in one of our jungalows, nestled in the beauty of the Hawaiian jungle. Living in this environment allows the senses to expand and rejuvenate in a natural setting.

These basic, eco-friendly accommodations include electricity, lighting, a cozy bed with linens, and desk space. Shared facilities include bathrooms, outdoor showers, and a community kitchen.

Please note: Interns stay in shared accommodations. If this is not your preference, private accommodations are available at an additional cost of $185 - 385/month, depending on peak season.

Success Stories


Hayley Clark

Kitchen Ninja Intern

The time I spent at the Hawaiian Sanctuary had more of a positive impact on my life than any other experience I’ve ever had.  I transformed spiritually, intellectually, and physically during my five month stay.

It’s almost as if I went in as a caterpillar, and I left a butterfly.  In that sense, the Hawaiian Sanctuary served as a cocoon for me. The program and the beautiful people in the community fostered every aspect of my personal and educational growth. My internship experience brought me color and light and with that, I learned to fly.

The personal relationships I created during my stay were what truly gave me wings. Going into my internship, I was unaware of the bonds I was about to form with the other interns. Though not all of them were present at the same time, I got to meet 15 other interns from all over the world over my five month internship stay.

The sanctuary seemed to attract some truly incredible people, and all at once, we had become a beautiful family. The unconditional love and support from my Hawaiian Sanctuary “sisters” will stay with me for a very long time.

I am eternally grateful that Hawaiian Sanctuary community was able to bring us together to work on something so beautiful together.


Beezhan Tulu

Media Intern

I was raised with two sisters, one brother, and my mom. In simple words, they served my growth and I served their need for love. They loved me unconditionally and I loved them back with all my heart.

Years later, when I was tired of the Hollywood Matrix and was looking for a safe community, I found a pure land known as Hawaiian Sanctuary. Although I had been living in Los Angeles and I was fed up with the dominant toxic culture, I still had hope this would work. So I decided to make Hawaiian Sanctuary my next home.

Once I had stayed there for a week, I immediately felt the same feeling that I was raised with. I served the Sanctuary with my skills and personal strength – the art of storytelling – and they served me with the most progressive lifestyle.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?
Become an intern at Hawaiian Sanctuary!

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