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Traditional Karate & Self Defence

Traditional Karate & Self Defence

September 20, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific/Honolulu Timezone
Hawaiian sanctuary
10 Donation
Munk E King

Keonis Martial Arts bio

Sensei Keoni has been practicing traditional Okinawan Karate for 36 years achieving a second-degree black belt for his devotion and integration of Martial Arts (MA) in all aspects of life. He has competed in over 100 diverse MA tournaments and worked as a stunt man on multiple Hollywood film productions. In addition to physical discipline, his contemporary tutoring integrates the art of self-defense with quantum and metaphysics, teaching how to protect the psyche from negative energy and psychological turmoil. Sensei Keoni shares the ancient wisdom teachings of Karate from 4:30-6pm every Tuesday and Thursday at Hawaiian Sanctuary, welcoming all men and women to harmonize mind, body and spirit with the practice and philosophy of MA.

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