Eco-Retreat & Permaculture Center on the Big Island

Eco-Lodging at Hawaiian Sanctuary

Who said getting back to nature can't be comfortable?

cacao on bed

This is what Hawaii is really like.

Treat yourself with a Retreat Lifestyle. This isn't your typical hotel vacation - enjoy comfort in the midst of east Hawaii's jungle.

Rest, recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature in our eco-accommodations, permaculture gardens and wellness classes.

Enjoy a perfect balance of beauty, comfort, and eco-consciousness.

Choose between your style of private rooms all of which include a comfortable bed and electricity.

Enjoy an affordable farm-spa retreat experience.

All lodging guests receive a free piece of our bean-to-bar chocolate made fresh from Hawaiian Sanctuary’s cacao trees!

Holistic Spa & Gym

Guests have access to our spa facilities that feature an ozonated hot tub, UV far infrared sauna and full free-weight gym.

Community Living

Enjoy a taste of community living with shared commons, vegetarian kitchen, bathrooms and showers.

WiFi Internet Access

Stay connected to friends and family with complimentary high speed internet access.

***note: we have limited bandwidth due to satellite restrictions. 

Classes & Events

Enjoy a diverse array of farm classes.


Our operation is run on principles of sustainability put into practice.

<span>, Oakland, CA</span>
"I was looking for a place to rest and renew and my stay at the Hawaiian Sanctuary did not disappoint. The staff were all welcoming and friendly, and I found the room to be well kept with a comfortable bed. Highlights for me were morning yoga and the spa room. I spent one morning volunteering with the interns, doing groundcover maintenance and learned a lot about the plants, local climate, and permaculture from everyone. Overall, I'd recommend this place to my friends."
- Ed, Oakland, CA

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